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The elegant, alluring diffuser becomes an element of olfactory design that gives a distinctive identity to your living spaces.
Each diffuser masterfully encapsulates and releases a series of fragrances designed to stimulate all of your senses.

Note del Chianti’s fragrances for the environment provides  the home environment essences and fragrances that pleasantly stimulate the senses and can be used in any room. High concentration fragrances that give the room a lasting freshness, with essences that reminds us of the prestigious territory of Chianti, where these perfumers are made for the environment. The fragrance is propagated by the sticks that make up the flask, allowing the homogeneous diffusion of the fragrance throughout the room.

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A line of home fragrances featuring 5 unique scents that evoke sensual and romantic atmospheres.

The lands of Chianti are reflected in simple yet heartfelt moments, like opening the window of an ancient Tuscan farmhouse in the morning, looking out onto the rolling hills, and taking in with all of your senses the symphony of emotions that only these lands can conjure up.

The fragrances for the environment of Note del Chianti’s line will allow you to perfume your home with a touch of style. Choosing among the various available fragrances ,it will be possible to create a fragrant and pleasant environment, thanks to the lasting fragrances with refined essences that recall the splendid Chianti territory. Ideas, fragrances and essences that will perfume the home, spreading not only a pleasant smell, but also personality. An elegant selection of room fragrances and deo environment to always have the best essence at home.

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Sinfonia Mediterranea

A citrus explosion bursts open the doors to the summer sun.
A feast for the senses, the scents and colors of nature are captivating in their intensity.
The air is festive and joyful as cheerful gazes look out across the horizon.

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