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Note del Chianti’s fragrances for the environment provides  the home environment essences and fragrances that pleasantly stimulate the senses and can be used in any room. High concentration fragrances that give the room a lasting freshness, with essences that reminds us of the prestigious territory of Chianti, where these perfumers are made for the environment. The fragrance is propagated by the sticks that make up the flask, allowing the homogeneous diffusion of the fragrance throughout the room.

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To perfume the house or a single room with an essence that will amaze those present, the best advice is to buy the environment perfume to the wine proposed by Note del Chianti. A fragrance that will bring an original fragrance, with a choice between the essences of Sangiovese and Malvasia, two of the best-known wines that recall the smell of an extraordinary territory like that of Chianti.

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Decanter Decanter 750 mlbuy now
Decanter + Bordolese Sangiovese 750 mlbuy now
Decanter + Bordolese Malvasia 750 mlbuy now

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