Vision, mission and values

The destiny of a name: NOTE DEL CHIANTI.
In these “notes” lies the essence of a land and its history.
The name reflects a brand, an expression and a guarantee of the deepest values of a noble and ancient culture.



To evoke a memory, an experience. To convey the atmosphere of our land to the world. Our small laboratory is rooted in excellence, producing scents and memories from Chianti. We strive to be one-of-a-kind, in form and substance.


Our mission is to design, create and manufacture fragrances, home fragrances, and body care products using raw
materials sourced from Chianti. The purest aromas and essences are used to make perfumes of the highest quality.


Our values are built on the worth of a land, the scent of its essence, the emotion of its atmosphere, the
allure of its art, the strength of its traditions, the uniqueness of its history.
Allure, history, art, and beauty are at our core, but equally important are ethics, respect for the environment, a forward-thinking vision and creativity.