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A line of 5 fragrances for him, her and unisex inspired by a magical land that boasts a uniquely romantic atmosphere. Each fragrance takes its cue from the area of Chianti, evoking the deep emotions and scents that only these lands can provide. Each fragrance features a note that touches the innermost part of the soul with stunning simplicity, elegance, and seduction.


Painstaking care is put into each bottle of perfume and home fragrance diffuser. Every single container is engraved and painted by master artisans whose skillful artistry lies at the heart of these one-of-a-kind products. The packaging is another example of the meticulous craftsmanship that lies behind the design and production of the unique cylindrical product package. The labeling, packing, and sealing are, too, all done by hand.

Note del Chianti's workshop offers a complete selection of perfumes with fragrances that constantly references the territory of Chianti, a region known and appreciated all over the world. Including men, women, and unisex perfumes elaborated using refined essences in elegant handcrafted packs.

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Sogno Toscano

A dream that continues with eyes open, vivid in its colors and smells, as reality surpasses fantasy.

A rainbow of emotions opening up in the mind, a sweet passion that leads us through a profound journey, almost a dream that sees intense, marvelous sensations brush our skin.


Fruity, floral, fresh



Top notes: Marasca cherry, Cassis, Currants
Heart notes: Sangiovese, Pomegranate, Cabbage rose
Base notes: Oak, Wood, Red fruits

An opening of marasca cherries merges into the fresh notes of pomegranate, currants and hints of sangiovese. Ancient fragrances and gentle breezes on a sunny Tuscan day.

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Warning: Note del Chianti may periodically update the ingredient list of its products. Before using any product, please consult the ingredient list on the label to make sure that the ingredients are suitable for your skin.

Gran Selezione Parfum