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Emotions that are more than skin deep. A tender caress, an enveloping sensuality, a delicately persistent aroma, an act of self-love. Body lotion for him and her. Specific creams made with snail slime, grapeseed and PGI olive oil – all raw materials sourced in Chianti. Our delicate fragrances boast a persistent harmony and appeal.

The body care products of Note del Chianti are designed to give a moment of pleasure to the skin an spirit. An easy way to love each other thanks to the high-quality raw materials with which they are made. There is a wide choice of products, from body creams to shower shampoo gels, from deodorants to after-shave balms and soap bars, items that express a call to the beauty of the Chianti area.

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A line of elegantly-scented soaps.
Note del Chianti soaps are the result of artisanal craftsmanship.
Each bar of soap has its own unique character and delicate fragrance, and is inspired by the enchanting lands of the Chianti region.

In an ideal set of bathroom accessories you cannot miss good scented facial soaps. The line of soaps of Note del Chianti is designed to pamper the skin of your hands, leaving a pleasant and intense fragrance thanks to the carefully selected fragrance mix that recalls the Chianti area. Useful for daily hygiene and beautiful to own, thanks to the elegant package proposed by Note del Chianti.

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A feast for the senses, a carefree indulgence in beauty and wellness.
It’s nature speaking to us through infinite and subtle language; the skin listens, breathes, and carries it all to the heart. A delicate and subdued bouquet of grapes inebriates our senses and transports us back to 1716, the year of the creation of one of the world’s most renowned brands: the Chianti Classico.


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Warning: Note del Chianti may periodically update the ingredient list of its products. Before using any product, please consult the ingredient list on the label to make sure that the ingredients are suitable for your skin.